Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband has become increasingly popular over the past year or so. Thanks to the advances in technology and mobile phones we have such a variety of "internet ready" mobile devices that allow us to connect the the world wide web when we are out and about; travelling from A to B or just surfing the web in whilst having enjoying a coffee in the cafe.

The majority of mobile internet users connect to the web using a USB dongle that acts as a gateway to send and receive data. Many ISP's (internet service providers) have started to offer home broadband packages with optional benefits such as mobile broadband dongle or laptop rental to accommodate the need to access files and emails whilst on the move.

"When considering a mobile broadband package the most important thing to consider is the costs. The initial costs can be as little as £5 a month but the restrictions on speed and download limits are much, much lower. If you use mobile broadband regularly then you can quickly find yourself exceeding your monthly limits and being charged a considerable amount for your time. So make sure you thoroughly read the limits for mobile broadband before purchasing. However you also need to consider other factors when choosing mobile broadband particularly if you want to use it instead of a normal internet connection at home. Broadband signal works in much the same way as mobile phone signals so you need to be aware that you might not get a good connection in certain places. Most providers will offer you a connection test before purchasing so make sure you use this. Finally mobile broadband is a good cheap alternative to normal broadband and it is worth considering if you don't need the added benefits usual broadband would give or if you travel extensively for work."